ear The Brothers Figaro like you've never heard them before. Luigi and Giuseppe Figaro have teamed up again to make a unique Christmas record, unlike anything you've heard before. Inspired by Big Band recordings by Tommy Dorsey from 1939, as well as Beatles perennials "Honey Pie" and "When I'm 64", this collection of Christmas favorites has a haunting, nostaligic flavor that will surely infuse your holiday season with sacred mystery. The rich arrangements are so distinctive and melodious that they've changed the name of the band for this release to the much more descriptive The Brothers Figaro Orchestra. Accompanied by longtime cohort Kevin Jarvis on drums, the album combines the best of instruments and arrangements from yesteryear with studio technology of today.

"...a shiny look back at the days when guys sang through big cones instead of microphones. What emerges is a record you could happily share with mom AND a Tom Waits fan. Their Joy to the World has a light calypso feel that'd make a great number in Bing & Bob's Road to Christmas Island. This is what I'll put on when I want to watch the tree and soak up the season this year." - jambase.com

"If Christmas is a little too "Leave it to Beaver" around your house, this is the antidote for all that fluff and shellacked Martha Stewart sentiment. Taking Swing Band arrangements of Christmas favorites, funneled through a quirky cabaret medium, ex-Grant Lee Buffalo bandmembers Bill Bonk and Phil Parlapiano bring you a spiked shot of the holidays." - CDBaby.com

"I particularly liked the almost shocking realism of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and the plaintive pathos of "O Come O Come Emanuel." - christmasreviews.com

"Bill Bonk and Phil Parlapiano are session men who’ve made an old school holiday album as if FDR was still having fireside chats in The White House. It’s so good you shouldn’t just play it in December." - Santa Monica Mirror

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
O Little Town Of Bethlehem
I Saw Three Ships